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Jerry Felper

British Auto Electric


British Auto Electric has been in business since early 1970 when I found that many members of VMG needed help with electrical parts on their MGs. Since I was an Electrical Engineer and had a MGTD of my own it was easy for me to take on electrical problems.  I started British Auto Electric as a sideline. Since then I have owned a MGYA, MGYT, MGPA, MGTC and a few Jags. I presently own a TC, YA and a TD with a MGA running gear. British Auto Electric has manufactured many parts, which I needed to keep my cars running. I presently do wholesale repairs for XKS Unlimited, Abingdon Spares and sale parts to Moss Motors LTD, Abingdon Spares and a few other suppliers. I am willing to take on the default jobs and to update prewar parts.

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